Singapore Sling

My first international trip was to the Lion City. Even then, there was no touristy activity in the line-up. It was pure cosmopolitan agenda juggling between shopping all day and partying all night. There was very little local colour in the trip except for visits to Kopi Tiam for delicious fried chicken, and fresh fruit. After so much of the cosmo flavour, and the unique essence of Singapore in the food, fried chicken akin to Savory was a much needed respite. Tender with flavourful gravy and steamed rice. Hmmm…..dreamy. Indeed the frying and the fat was a great antidote to the previous night’s debauchery.

I loved the cleanliness, the organization, the sense of safety, the ease of commuting, and pretty much whatever conveniences a business hub could afford. That pretty much summed up my impression. Future trips were relegated to business purposes. There wasn’t anything extraordinary to the city.

But, Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix changed that. Apparently, there was so much roar in the Lion City I had not uncovered before. With only the evenings for the main race events, I had 3 whole days to fill up. Being more familiar with the city, and having more friends to visit, I set up dates months ahead of the trip.

F1. First of first with an evening race in this city.

In between lunches and dinners, I traced the streets like fingers moving on a wall as you walk, and embraced whatever encounters came my way. There was always something tucked away in a corner, people to share new experiences with, cultures to explore, sights and sounds.

Poetry is written on the walls.

All aboard the express mosaic.

The underground movement is a tactile experience.

The local fire station is art in architecture.

I stared and stared, but couldn't get it.

Until I stepped into, first the red box, then the blue box.

Rest for the weary traveller with a delicious cooling, gentle and natural foot spa with fish.

It's never a boring walk.

Neither does it feel like there are back doors when images fill service entrances.

Images of local color lends character.

Chandeliers dance as though in the ballroom of Beast.

Singapore Sling became a beautiful and colourful liquid experience that had different nuances on its travel down to a deeper appreciation of the city.


~ by explorertrails on April 25, 2010.

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